Smart Phones, Dumb Users: Funny and Sad at The Same Time

We know you are always out for a good laugh. Designers and developers are the most humorous folks I know. They even like a good portion of self irony. But today we are not going to make fun of ourselves, at least not only of ourselves. Hopefully you are not one of the following species. But if you are you now know you are not alone 😉 This animated little web app is funny and a best practice example at the same time. Read on…


Dinner Snappers, Candy Pushers and More

The little web app “Smart Phones, Dumb Users” characterizes stereotypes we all know too well. The smart phone has obviously made us dumber. Perhaps we have delegated part of our intelligence back to the machine with the machine not knowing what to do with it.

Check out the Dinner Snappers who now have much less effort in getting their food pix across to their friends, compared to the old days where they had to snap pictures of their dinner, then get the photos developed and run around the friends’ houses to show them off. How much easier that is today. The future has its benefits…


Or don’t you know these Candy Pushers who ask all their Facebook friends whom they haven’t met for decades to help them with one of the superfluous games in the likes of Farmville and others? Milk a cow for me…


Now check it out for yourself. The app is embeddable via an iFrame, which is just what we did here:


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