Totally Free: delivers Hi-Resolution Photos To Your Inbox

Commercial use photos are always appreciated. In most cases, though, licensing is not as straightforward as you would want it to be. Studying license conditions is not what most of us like to struggle with. Some countries even have legal systems in place, where it is hard for the creator to waive all his legal rights, even if he explicitly wants to. The best way to stay out of trouble is to either shoot each and every photo by yourself or choose pictures with as little license overhead as possible. The new project by freelancer-platform promises to deliver exactly this kind of material.

unsplash-04 and CC Zero: Close to Public Domain is a timeline-oriented image project, driven by the Tumblr engine. solely hosts pictures whose creators have waived all rights the laws allow to be waived. All images at carry the license CC Zero. Actual hosting of the images takes place in Amazon’s cloud. is not anywhere near a real image provider, such as Pixabay or Freerange Stock. There are no categories, no keywords, nothing you know… There is simply 10 images each 10 days. No more, but also no less..


Anybody can submit photos for consideration. Decisions are taken by editors at At the time of this writing, while ist still in its early stages, almost 60 photos are in stock, which of course isn’t a lot. They have cities, landscapes, and they have a remarkable set of photos of Apple products in daily use. These definitely come in handy more often than not, if you are a tech-related writer, that is.


As you cannot search, not browse categories, not use any kind of structured approach, you should follow their advice and subscribe to their mailing list. That way the promised 10 photos will be delivered right to your inbox every 10 days. I already did, the offering convinced me. Already at this early stage, I found a dozen helpful photos I will surely make use of. By the way, you could have guessed it: all the photos in this post are from


What are your favorite services when it comes to free images?



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